5 relaxing things to do to ease your groom’s wedding jitters

Both the bride and groom worry endlessly before the wedding, so why not relax and head some place or do something to calm the senses?

In the past, wedding stress for most would-be married grooms simply meant the psychological discomfort associated with the thought of a lifelong commitment.  All that was to do after proposing was to simply show up in the wedding and wear a grand suit.  Several still do that, but these days, more and more are becoming more participatory in the planning as the bride is.

For the grooms, this may take on a whole different meaning, as they deal with the avalanche of suppliers and the fine differences between ecru and beige, not to mention the shrinking bank account.  Wedding preparations can be taxing on the body and the nerves and since the last few weeks and days before the wedding can be a very tense time and a break from it all would be a relief.

1.  Set up a “couple” appointment at the spa – going to the spa together is a great way to unwind and have some tranquil time together.  Not only will the treatments relax and rejuvenate , but the hushed and peaceful ambiance provides the setting for intimate talks, not petty clashes.

2.  Go on a weekend getaway – consider this as a prelude to your honeymoon. It doesn’t have to be that far but it can be an option.  Local luxury destinations  are just as relaxing as those outside the country.

3.   Help him pick up his wedding day accesories – groom dressing comes of age through the accessories you’ll be helping him buying.  Both the bride and groom should look stinning and jaw dropping at the wedding.

4.  Let him go on a boy’s night besides the actual stag party – letting him go on his “poker” night is a good way for him to take off the pressure and stress somehow.  Giving him the momentary freedom with his friends will make him feel that you want him to be in his most relaxing mood at the big day.

5.   Let him sleep for more than 8 hours – Wedding preparations can make one deprived of the 40 winks so let him sleep at least 8 hours 5 days before the big day.  No matter how prepared the both of you are, if you haven’t gotten enough sleep, you won’t be able to feel the romantic atmosphere of your wedding day.

Even if you have big budget for a fabuoous wedding, stress prevents you from fully enjoying the big day. The bride and groom can be wearing  the most expensive gowns by the top designers, dolled up by the best makeup artists, but end up looking spoiled by zits and fatigue on that day.  There are those who experience deep “unrelaxation” that result when couples are faced with a million details about the wedding.

All these suggested tips are meant for an integrated perspective . keeping the mind and body in harmony with the world. After all, we are human beings, not human doings.

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  1. […] Bill MacBride wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptBoth the bride and groom worry endlessly before the wedding, so why not relax and head some place or do something to calm the senses? In the past, wedding stress for most would-be married grooms simply meant the psychological discomfort … […]

  2. # 1 on your list is number 1 for a reason. Spa days are great for any occasion but right before a wedding is a must. It will totally relax you and help get rid of all the jitters.

    I hear the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel is about to open a spa, Spa Luce. If anyone is getting married at that hotel they can use a spa that is close to their location.

    Well if anyone is thinking about that I suggest signing up for the mailing list at spaluce.com so you can get discounts. Lord knows how much weddings cost so it would be nice to get somewhat of a discount when trying to relax.

  3. hey!!
    wedding preparations can be very taxing and demanding at times….useful tips by the way!

  4. My wife and I violated the classic “don’t see each other the day of the wedding” and went swimming. It was very relaxing and we had a great day.

  5. Thank you for this- I think so often grooms are almost forgotten in the whole wedding extravaganza and it can be another source of stress for everyone. My fiancee and I are approaching our wedding as a team- to be sure we focus on different things according to our strengths, but we really are planning the wedding together. By working together we help eliminate stress because we are aware of how each other feels about things and so can, without much trouble, plan a wedding that really reflects who we are as a couple. Thank you for your suuggestions though! I think they are great ideas!!


  6. Good post. I think in this modern age both the bride and groom suffer from the pre-wedding planning stress. Your advice is very good.

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