Don’t Step Into The Water Without Reading This!

shark attack

One thing people always remember if they hear the word “shark” is that sharks are vicious man eaters, fearsome, have sharp teeth, and are killers. But what we don’t know about sharks is they don’t attack solely because of hunger. They can in fact live for many months without eating. Divers or surfboarders are primarily attacked because of their search for prey. A surfer in a surfboard seems like a sea lion or a seal to a shark, while divers in their black wet suits looks like just other prey to them.

Sharks attack humans when they are provoked or agitated. Also, sharks are attracted to bright colors, splashing waters, and vibrations. One of the most abundant places that contain sharks is the waters of Australia.

Australian waters are said to be populated with different species of sharks, such as the Grey Nurse Sharks and Speartooth Sharks which are both critically endangered species. There are also the Northern River Shark, Whale Shark, and Great White Shark. Shark attacks are actually insignificant compared to the total 120,000 deaths in Australia annually. It would only average to oneshark death per year.

Here are some tips to avoid a possible shark attack.

  • Avoid wearing bright clothes like yellow and orange. These colors will definitely attract sharks.
  • Please do not entice or tease sharks.
  • Sharks have a very good sense of smell, and are easily attracted to the smell of blood. So if you injure yourself, get out of the water immediately. And for women who happen to have their period, for your own sake stay out of the water.
  • Murky waters should be avoided.
  • Gut feeling is always the best preventive measure. If you feel something isn’t fine then try not to go in to the water. And if you feel something brush you, get out of the water and check it out. A lot of shark attacks lack the sensation of being bitten. Even scientists can’t explain why.
  • Be aware of the fishes and turtles around you. If they started to act erratic, then it’s likely there’s a shark in the area.

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12 Responses

  1. […] you, if they started to act erratic, then definitely theres a shark in the area…. source: Don’t Step into the Water without Reading this!, Travel […]

  2. well, you can have my entry too cos no way do I want to see any sharks. LOL

  3. terrible..

  4. Great post – I’ve seen an Australian shark or two, but most of the big ones are already dead and gone – it’s sad, but large sharks are being killed off everywhere in the world, and few places more aggressively than Australia, which makes a lot of money from its beach tourism.

    Plus, the white sharks are only off the southern coast of Australia, where it’s too cold to swim anyways! It’s the tigers up in the nice warm waters you need to think twice about…

    I wrote one you might like about Safe Shark Diving here:

    Shark diving is a really cool experience to meet some beautiful animals, and they’re not the bloodthirsty killers that people think.

  5. […] Don’t step into the water without reading this […]

  6. […] Don’t step into the water without reading this […]

  7. Urmm I can’t ever go in sea for fears of sharks. I dont know why but, something about fish, such as sharks creep me out. Also if

  8. that was really good info but that second video they cant grow that big can they…………….. well anyway all that info was good now i no what to wear and all about sharks…………………………….. but i never Knew that Australia had the most sharks

  9. this is so stupd it sould not be on this website all the videos and pics my kids went on this and started haveing bad dreems and crying at night and in school

  10. found out from a documentary dat sharks dont necessarily mistake humans for prey. the main reason is that theyr predators and attack anything at all as long as its moving frantically in the water, seems to be like instinct. a guy in the documentary walked in a quite shallow beach infested with sharks as ling as ht didnt move much they didnt attack him he was able to get close enuff to touch. without them attacking him.

  11. Sharks are not vicious kills only 5 people a year are killed by sharks and most of them died from one bit then bleeding to death, where as humans kill over 100 million sharks a year. We need them to live but we don’t seem to care check out the film sharkwater for the truth.

  12. O.M.G great website!

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