My Top 5 Tourism Ads

Ok. Let’s face it and be honest. If given the right tools, the right director, the right editors, maybe a lot of photoshop skills, and the right budget, any place in the face of the planet can look great and leave you drooling with thoughts of “I wanna go there!”. This is what advertisements lead us to believe, yadi yada yada…But since we’re on the subject of honesty here, I’m going to be honest and confess that I’m a total sucker for these ads.Given that I’ve said that, I’ve compiled the 5 places I’d visit in a heartbeat based on their tourism ads. Hail the advertising Gods and all that! Take a look at them though, and tell me what you think. Or maybe you could give me some better ones (with links and video please as the traveler in me is always on the lookout for some more places to explore).In, no particular order, here they are: 1. New Zealand– I’ll be sentimental and admit the song makes me teary-eyed. Enough said.2. Australia– Although fortunate enough to have seen it, the perfect shade of the water in this ad always gets me, and the beers and the girls don’t hurt either ☺3. Dubai– I want to see that interesting looking building, and take a whiff of those spices too.4. Greece– Again, its something about the water that compels me to visit Greece, and the party scene from the ad doesn’t look half-bad either.5. Israel– Nothing beats a tourism ad that makes you laugh.Do you agree with me? What are your own favorites? Please share! Happy weekend everyone!

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