Where’d my luggage go? Lost Luggage Trivia!

Lost luggage. Probably my biggest pet peeve about traveling. It seems that this has happened to me countless times, and to about everyone that I know.

I did some thinking and calculating. If this happens to just about every other person on the planet, then there must be a lot of lost luggage floating around. Have you ever wondered where they go? Well, I did a little google sleuthing and came across this very informative article about lost luggage.

Here are bits and pieces of trivia on lost luggage:

1. Airlines mishandle 7.34 out of 1000 pieces of luggage. Mishandle may mean damaged, stolen and most especially lost!

2.Most lost luggage get claimed with 24 hours. (Do you guys agree with this?)

3. Lost luggage (here in the US) end up in Scotsborro, Alabama! (Who knew?!) The stuff inside the luggage is then sold to the public at really affordable prices!

4. What happens to the bags? The bags usually spend 5 days in the airport, waiting to be claimed. After that, they spend 60 days in a storage center and are eventually either donated to charity or sold.

5. Clothing makes up 60% of the contents of lost luggage. Electronics like digicams, video cameras, jewelry, souvenirs and toiletries make up the rest.

Here’s someone who shares my sentiments on lost luggage:

Now I know. And now you know too. I guess the next time I lose my luggage, I better book myself a plane ticket to Alabama! 🙂

6 Responses

  1. i dont agree that you obtain claimed luggage in just 24 hours…you never find your luggage not when its lost! this is one of the greatest fear we all have once we travel

  2. “I guess the next time I lose my luggage, I better book myself a plane ticket to Alabama!”

    If you do, I suggest you travel light ! 😉

  3. If you get your lost luggage back and it’s broken, report within 24/48 hours depending on the airline.

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  4. Alright the video was extremely funny but I still can’t get over the fact luggage is only in the air port for 6 days! I mean don’t they feel obligated to hold your personal items for at least a little longer before sending it somewhere you must again fly to?

    Another thing I started thinking about after I read was how much luggage gets lost on the way to where they keep the lost luggage LOL this is too funny! Would it be safe to assume out of 1000 bags, 7 are lost and out of the 7 that are lost 1 bag goes missing on its way to where they keep lost luggage haha!

    Seriously I don’t fly much but if I was a typical flyer I would be irate at these statistics it’s ridiculous!


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  6. Traveling Bags Luggage Sales, Repair and Accessories also can ship a new bag to you within the U.S. or Canada.

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    Great service and friendly!

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