I never get on the plane without:

Do you have personal items that must get on the plane with you every time you travel? They don’t even have to be practical, just something that may be a necessity only to you. This is my personal list of I can never get on the plane without:

1. Chapstick- Everytime I travel, my lips suffer terribly! They get dry and cracked and I sometimes even get these really painful cuts that go all the way down my lip. That’s why I need to have chapstick with me, and apply it constantly throughout the flight.

2.A jacket- I don’t know why planes get so cold, but their blankets never really keep me completely warm. I bring something extra just in case!

3. Ear plugs- At times the pressure gets on my ears, at times its the noisy passengers that do. This really helps eliminate the annoying buzzing feeling and the noise!

4. A good book- I always bring something to keep me entertained on board, so I don’t notice the time!

5. A photocopy of my passport- I’m always wary about my passport going missing, so just in case, I bring extra proof of identification and a photocopy. There’s no price to security.

These are my top 5. These travel tips might also help you determine what you should bring. Care to share yours?

4 Responses

  1. Yep, me too. I have only just started taking a photocopy of all important docs including (e)tickets. Don’t keep them in the same place as your important docs!

    The jacket is really important. If I can, I grab 2 blankets on the plane.

    If you are flying Qantas from Singapore to London, take snacks with you. They DO NOT feed you well, and you WILL be hungry on the trip.

    Sometimes I also take a book of Sudako and my ipod.

  2. I didn’t even think about making photocopies of my travel documents. Thanks for that tip.

    For me, appart from the essentials, I’d normally bring
    1) a book to read
    2) a jacket (in case it gets too cold – but I don’t normally use it)
    3) camera
    4) empty water bottle (to refill during the flight)
    5) a pillow (for my back)

  3. This is going to sound crazy… but I never go on a plane without a half-roll of toilet paper. In fact, I never travel anywhere without half a roll of toilet paper! Along with the obvious use… it’s great for a quick nose-blow, clean-up of small spills, works great as a face mask when walking through dusty areas, and more. Most recently, about a year ago, flying from back to Denver from New York, we got stuck on the runway for four hours. Then, our direct flight got re-directed to Chicago, where we sat for an additional three hours then finally, we eventually landed in Denver. They gave us numerous excuses for not letting us disembark the plane… security … we may have clearance any moment now… blah blah blah… But anyway, my total travel time was 14 hours. I should have drove. Needless to say, the restrooms on the plane ran out of toilet paper. I took pity on a grandmotherly type nearby passenger and snuck her some of my roll!

  4. When flying in Colombia-

    bring your pilot scarf and goggles.

    They may match the pilot’s

    and make bouncing off the runway on turns with the overheads flying open

    peppering the cabin with baggage

    fun and photogenic.

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