Travel To The World’s _____ Country!

Certain countries are known for their sites, or their scenery or their food. Through the years though, some nations have been making their mark in different ways, maybe because of their disposition, or their per capita income. Wouldn’t you wanna say that you’ve traveled to the world’s- insert appropriate adjective here- country?

Here are just a few:

1. Richest Country– The honor of the world’s wealthiest nation goes to Luxembourg, with a GDP per Capita of $68,800. You’ll get more than your fill of culture there, as it neighbor’s Belgium, France and Germany. In fact, most people are fluent in Luxemborgish, German, French and English! A great idea would be to take the Uniworld Cruise , and stop by Luxembourg! Luxembourg
2. Fattest Country– Although the US is well on it’s way to becoming the world’s fattest nation, it hasn’t reached thenauru top of the list yet! For now, first place goes to Nauru! This South Pacific Island nation has 94.5 % of its population listed as overweight! That’s a lot of fat! Although the country is overweight, it is still home to some beautiful beaches that are predominant over the South Pacific and is still worth a visit! And, it doesn’t hurt the self esteem either to go to a place and be amongst one of the “fitter” people there!

3. Most Fit countryFinland takes the cake for the fittest country. They should be known as Fitland instead!finland They have the country with the least amount of couch potato citizens. Finland used to be really unhealthy, but campaign in the 1970s worked wonders, eliminating heart problems by 65%!

4. Saddest CountryLithunia ranks as the world’s saddest country. This is because their suicide rate ranks highest in the world, if we were to base it from 2004 statistics! It is estimated that at least 400 thousand people commit suicide there yearly!

5. Happiest Country– An excellent way to counter a visit to the world’s saddest nation is to visit the world’s happiest! That is no other than Denmark! It is said that Denmark’s wealth, beautiful surroundings, small size and excellent health care all factor in to make it the world’s happiest!


I think it would be such an interesting idea to see what makes all these countries have the “image” that they do. Also, any excuse to travel and vacation is always a good one, right? Do you know any countries that are known for particular things? Please share 🙂

2 Responses

  1. If your information is correct about Lithuania – then it will be extinct in few years, as the population of it is only 3,6 million.

    Please clarify.

  2. Just a friendly suggestion that you might want to check your statistic about the suicide rate in Lithuania. With a population well under 5 million….400 thousand suicides each year seems a little excessive don’t you agree! The entire population would have been gone long ago at that rate! …

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