Top Five Comfiest Airlines

Being someone who travels a lot, I’ve had my share of bad planes. It’s not uncommon to step out of a long flight with your legs still half-asleep, praying to be stretched! People I know even say that a more expensive ticket is fine as long as the plane had enough legroom.

Another measure of comfortable I use is entertainment. I bring a book along to help pass the time, but I still check out the in-flight shows. More work-oriented friends of mine who carry laptops have internet access on the top of their list. I suppose I can also use that to browse the net, too.

The plane’s amenities are also something to think about. I like spacious toilets since I’d rather not suffocate (in more ways than one) when using the can. I sleep while en route sometimes, so having nice pillows and blankets help me sleep soundly, as well as a nice, comfortable chair. Decent food is a must, since I’ve eaten enough on-board tasteless meals to last a lifetime. Friendly airline staff is also a big plus. I’ve been half-ignored by a grumpy stewardess once, and I wasn’t even flirting with her!

So, what airlines are best for booking flights with? According to the World Airline Awards, they are the following:

1. Singapore Airlines – I’ve had the pleasure of flying with this airline a few times, and hearing that they are number one isn’t surprising at all. They’ve always had a good reputation among regular travelers, and for good reason. Economy class isn’t as cramped, business class is as good as it gets, great meals in all classes, friendly and well-trained cabin staff and a good selection of in-flight entertainment. If you have a flight with Singapore Airlines, you’re guaranteed satisfaction. Your legs may not want to leave, and it’s not because they’re asleep!

2. Thai Airways – Yet another excellent airline! Some consider them to be Singapore Airlines’ true competitor, both being based in Southeast Asia and both being considered to be some of the best in the world. Like in Singapore Airlines, you’re guaranteed satisfaction with them.

3. Cathay Pacific – A consistent competitor ever since the conception of the awards, you are sure to have a good experience with them. Although not as good as the best, it’s their more than above average ratings in everything a passenger needs gives them a good edge against other airlines.

4. Qatar Airways – If you’re flying first class, look no further! Qatar Airways has the best first class seats in the business, and isn’t a slouch in the other categories either. It’s also the best airline based in the Middle East. Grab a flight with them and see what they can do for you.

5. Qantas – Another consistent performer like Cathay Pacific, it’s considered to be the best airline based in Australia. It does well in many of the comfort categories, and is known to be a top choice for flights.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a trip planned, be sure that it’s one of these airlines for a comfortable travel experience that will leave you smiling, inside-out!

9 Responses

  1. The Singapore’s Airlines stewardess looks like Malaysian’s Arilines uniform. Or just my eyes @_@

  2. Uniform is correct. That’s called the Sarong Kebaya, and its been the SQ stewardess’ uniform since 1972. Looks Malaysian, but that’s because the Sarong Kebaya is a traditional dress worn around the Southeast Asian region.

    And yes, SQ is one of the most comfy airlines especially if you fly business class, its really such a fantastic experience.

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  4. I remember the time Cathay used to be really great, now they’re on 3. ive yet to try sg air tho.

  5. Yep, proud to be right here in Singapore. Our national carrier.

    Didn’t really notice the big hoo ha people had about SQ flight, until I tried other carriers.

    The uniform is the hallmark of all Singapore Airline advertisements since 1972.
    Actually, its the Singapore Girl that makes the ads Fabulous.

  6. You must be kidding about Qantas right? I work in the airline industry, flown with many airlines, and judging by that list you could not possibly have flown with many airlines. Qantas are one of the worst (Although not the worst, Garuda takes that spot as the worst airline ever). Old aircraft, shitty service and saying its the best airline in Australia is funny when you consider it’s really the only airline in Australia (Virgin is a budget airline and Jetstar, while the same as virgin, are owned by Qantas). And Thai aren’t that good either. SQ and Cathay, I will grant you that, good airlines, excellent service. But the best is by far Emirates. Little known fact, they are now the world biggest airline and for good reason. Cheap airfares, perfect service, quality aircraft and facilities and you actually get your bags 99.99% of the time.

  7. To cross the Pacific- Singapore is the way to go.

    Three thumbs up. (it’s a minor congenital anomaly)

  8. I agree with LewdCrue 100%. I used to fly with Qantas until it was privatized. Before that, it was one of the greatest airlines in the world.

    Now there are frequent long delays without one word of apology from the airline staff. Aircrafts are old and dirty. Onboard service is non-existent. FA’s are cold and indifferent. Qantas has to be on the bottom pile no matter how and where one measures it.

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