Three Travel World Records

Ever watched Ripley’s? The show is full of people who can do unbelievable things. We’re always fascinated with people who take everything to the limit and show us what we humans can really do! So, here are three of the world’s travel records!

Plane1. Edwin Shackleton of the UK had ridden in 841 different types of aircraft by January 2007! He first rode one in 1943 and had gone on to ride planes, balloons, airships and helicopters. Wow! Most air travelers can’t claim to have ridden more than 100 types, and this guy is more than eight times of that!

2. Flavio Jardim and Diogo Guerreiro, both from Brazil, windsurfed 8,120 km (5,045 miles) in 30 days! That’s a long time to be spending out on the sea. Lucky they didn’t become fish food!

3. Emil & Liliana Schmid of Switzerland have crossed 156 territories and countries and covered 617,359 km (383,609 miles), which is equivalent to driving around the equator almost 25 times! They started on October 16, 1984. The couple used a Toyota Land Cruiser. Now that is one tough car!

Those are really dedicated travelers! I don’t think I can even get close to that, and the wife won’t ever let me anyway. 😀

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