Paying Extra For Coach Seats

US Airways is going to begin charging $5 extra for aisle or window seats in some planes, according to CNN. The program starts on May 7, with Preferred members getting the seats with no extra charge. Fuel costs are rising, and they have to find a workaround.

A part of me thinks that it is yet another way to add even more costs to planes. With a lot of airlines already closed and the recent issues plaguing the airline business, this announcement further weighs down the already sinking industry, since with this the other airlines might follow suit. They have to make up for the fuel, you say. Yes, they have little choice if they want to earn. This, however, wasn’t the best way of going about it, even if they did make it free to some people. What’s going to happen next? We have to insert a quarter in a slot to use the lavatory?

The ordinary passenger these days is surrounded with delayed flights, halted flights, the mood swings of the people who check the hand carried luggage, and extra charges. I think the airline should address these issues first before adding even more things you pay for.

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