Three Fastest Ships

Since I already talked about fast planes, how about fast ships? Boats have been around longer than planes, thus people have been using them for centuries. As with all modes of transport, man still aims to break his limits and go faster. So, what are these ships that have earned the right to be called the fastest?

1. Fastest Yacht-class Sailboat. Wind-powered ships may be a thing of the past, but they are still wildly used because you don’t need an engine for them. The Maltese Falcon costs $100 million and is the fastest yacht sailboat at 14 knots, and also the largest! It took one million man-hours to make. Talk about a waste of time and effort! At least the owner has bragging rights.

2. Fastest Yacht. This record is held by the 118 WallyPower. With three gas turbines generating 16,800 horsepower, it can cruise at 60 knots. It also makes for a smooth ride. That’s a fast boat!

3. Fastest Battleship. It’s difficult to compare battleships since the standards are different for every nation. The honor for US Battleships goes to the New Jersey, reaching 35.2 knots during the Vietnam War.

So, what do you think of these fast ships?

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the info. Great pictures and trivia. They really can go fast. With the cost of the yacht I think I will have to pass:)

  2. Great post and photos. Really interesting, i pick No 2 – in my dreams!


  3. #2 looks like something from an XMEN movie! hehe!

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