Everyday is Mother’s Day

I know I just wrote something about Mother’s Day facts, but I want to extend this a little further. You see, for me, that day is just another holiday. It’s a holiday for our special and beloved mothers, sure, but how is that different from every day? It doesn’t take one Sunday a year to show your mom you care.

My friends are always puzzled why I don’t do anything overtly special for Mother’s Day, aside from the call and small gifts here and there. It is because I try to make most days that special day. To be honest, I’m not close to my mother. She’s really piling on the years and getting senile, causing quite an annoyance sometimes. I still love her though, and she knows it. And I show it. Love is all she has left in her life now.

My kids also learned that lesson. They love their mother, no matter how far away they are, and they call and email at least once a week. Mother’s Day is just an excuse for them to visit. They also visit at other times, too. It makes me happy that they still care for us. I must have done something right.

Mother’s Day isn’t that special. Every single day is much more.

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