4 Amazing Things People Ate

Remember when you were a kid, and you swallowed that piece of gum accidentally? These people are kind of like that, only they didn’t think it was so chewy. Or did they? Remember the superheroes that could eat anything? Well, these people aren’t exactly heroes, but they ate things that we weren’t meant to eat!

1. A plane. But how can you eat one of those? Michel Lotito did. He broke a Cessna 150 into little pieces and ate it over two years. The term iron stomach now has a whole new meaning.

2. Rocks. Wait, people eat rocks? A lady from China did. She ate 20 cobblestones, which she thought would pass through her system. The rocks eventually had to be surgically removed.

3. Frogs and rats. Not just frogs and rats. Living ones. Yes, alive. Yang Dingcai from China has been eating them for 40 years, which he claims benefited his health. Whatever floats your boat, old man.

4. Hair. But hair isn’t a big deal! For one 18-year old girl, it is. A short lifetime of chewing her own hair led to a 10-pound hairball taking up her entire stomach, which had to be operated on.

Ate anything like these lately?

One Response

  1. OMG a whole plain… this seems a little retarded to do don’t you think?

    Rocks and hair is nasty!

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