More Bucks For Barbecue

Food prices are indeed rising. This is something most of us hear on the news or read in the paper (or the paper’s website). The reality, for me and for some people I know, only really set in just recently.

Like any good ol’ American, I wanted to grill some burgers and hotdogs this weekend since the kids are coming over for a little get-together. It’s quite soon after Mother’s Day but they felt like stopping by for a weekend, plus the friends and neighbors I gave a few calls to. I went to the local supermarket to get my meat. I came back with a little less than I expected. Still enough, but the prices surprised me a bit. I didn’t bring enough money to get everything I wanted.

According to experts, prices of staples like meat, eggs and milk will keep rising for at least a few years. The common American is finally feeling the sting. We’re finally starting to feel what the rest of the world is feeling, and I agree that it’s not very pleasant. Especially if the trend continues like the experts predict, and at this rate it definitely will.

Being forced to buy less when planning a party is always hard, and this is no better. Next time, I’m bringing more cash.

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