5 Interesting Airline Facts

Like many other things, corporations like airlines have their own little facts and figures that may surprise some people. Here are a few of the more interesting ones I found on this website.

1. Singapore Airlines ranks second when it comes to buying Dom Perignon in the entire world! Business class has almost 100 bottles of champagne assigned to it, all by itself. That’s a lot of champagne! No wonder passengers have a good time there.

2. Cathay Pacific carries rice cookers, toasters, cappuccino makers and skillets on board their airplanes. Breakfast there is always fresh!

3. Qantas, Australia’s national airline, originally stood for Queensland And Northern Territories Air Service. I guess that had to drop it when they went international.

4. Abu Dhabi Airport Services once did a complete turn around for a Boeing 777 in under 40 minutes, as opposed to a normal minimum of one hour. They unloaded passengers, cargo, mail, cleaned the aircraft, and loaded outbound passengers, cargo and mail in that short time. It must have been exhausting!

5. Virgin Atlantic lists catering as their third biggest expense, after fuel and maintenance.

These are interesting little things to know! Do you know any more little facts?

The Three Fastest Planes

Many of us like planes. Especially those jets that move so fast and break the sound barrier, unleashing an ear-splitting sonic boom! There are the few planes that set it apart from others of its class, becoming the fastest airplanes alive. What are they?

1. Fastest Commercial Airplane – It’s close, but the winner is the Boeing 747! Its unique shape reduces drag and allows it to move faster than all other commercial planes, about 0.015 Mach faster. Concorde and Tu-144 are both retired, so the 747 is officially the fastest.

2. Fastest Jet – Officially, the fastest jet is the SR-71 Blackbird. It can sustain Mach 3.3 and can even get close to Mach 4, but such a speed would destroy the plane. And that wouldn’t be very good at all! An experimental jet aircraft has been measured to get to Mach 10, but it was not considered the fastest since the speed couldn’t be sustained for more than a few seconds.

3. Fastest Propeller Plane – What, you think these things are dead? The Tupolev Tu-114 is the winner here, with this jet propeller plane reaching a speed of Mach 0.78. If you’re looking for a more traditional propeller plane, the B-29 is recorded to have reached a speed of 369.69 mph (594.96 km/h).

There you have it! What do you think of these really fast machines? It must be exhilarating to ride in a jet!

I never get on the plane without:

Do you have personal items that must get on the plane with you every time you travel? They don’t even have to be practical, just something that may be a necessity only to you. This is my personal list of I can never get on the plane without:

1. Chapstick- Everytime I travel, my lips suffer terribly! They get dry and cracked and I sometimes even get these really painful cuts that go all the way down my lip. That’s why I need to have chapstick with me, and apply it constantly throughout the flight.

2.A jacket- I don’t know why planes get so cold, but their blankets never really keep me completely warm. I bring something extra just in case!

3. Ear plugs- At times the pressure gets on my ears, at times its the noisy passengers that do. This really helps eliminate the annoying buzzing feeling and the noise!

4. A good book- I always bring something to keep me entertained on board, so I don’t notice the time!

5. A photocopy of my passport- I’m always wary about my passport going missing, so just in case, I bring extra proof of identification and a photocopy. There’s no price to security.

These are my top 5. These travel tips might also help you determine what you should bring. Care to share yours?