Travel Trivia Time

The Easter brought along with it a wonderful dinner with friends and family. Of course, any gathering would be remiss with engaging conversation. The topic at hand? Travel of course. I was thoroughly entertained with the various bits of trivia and factoids that everyone shared. Allow me to share those that I remember..:)

1. Which city is sinking faster than Venice? Bangkok! (Who knew? It apparently sank an inch back in 2004).

2. Apparently American Airlines saved about $40,000 in the 80’s by eliminating one olive in each 1st class served salad. A little goes a long way indeed!

3. The world’s oldest airline is KLM, established in 1919.

4. Portugal is the world’s largest producer of cork.

5. Tennessee is bordered by no less than 8 states!

6. The continent with the most countries represented in the UN is no other than Africa.

7. The oldest city in the world is Damascus. It’s been around since 8000 B.C.

8. The tallest building in the world is Taipei 101 standing at 1667 feet.

9. British Airways passengers consume in a year:

41 Tons of Chicken
6 Tons of Caviar
22 Tons of Smoked Salmon
550,000 boxes of chocolate

10. The American Airlines packet of Peanuts says: Open packet. Eat Nuts 😀

Featured on an American Airlines packet of peanuts:

“Instructions: Open packet, eat nuts.”

Featured on an American Airlines packet of peanuts:

“Instructions: Open packet, eat nuts.”

Our Hanoi’s Old Quarter Travel

With a stuff for a week and with my long time buddy, Ajay we travel to Hanoi. We find Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the city’s most unusual, lively and colorful places. Here, we find that the entire area is in fact one large market. We browse and shop for musical instruments, snake wine, silk, mats, woven, candlesticks, even “ghost money” and much, much more.


Here, we find exploring the maze of streets and alleys an adventure! We’ve got lost in the Old Quarter because of the frequent change of street name every couple of blocks. But it’s fun!


We passed by Hang Thiec Street and bought “ghost money” or fake money which we used for burning at Buddhist ceremonies. And that includes fake US$5,000 bills! Hahaha We find this travel strange but enjoyable.

When we reached Lan Ong Street, we find a wide array of herbs that will whip up a concoction for whatever ails you on. Hang Chieu Street specializes in straw ropes and mats. On Hang Hanh Quat Street, Buddhas and Buddhist altars are for display.


Now we are ready for a break. We visit Hang Hanh Street which is devoted to coffee shops. Hereby, Nha Tho Street is less crowded and quieter part of the Old Quarter which is also near the lake. We find Nah Tho lined with French restaurants cafes, antique stores and at the end of the block, St, Joseph Cathedral. So relaxing.