Travel Problems: Travel and Hunger Pangs Just Don’t Mix

It’s true. And I can attest to this. You can’t enjoy traveling without having a bite to eat. You won’t be able to bottle up the experience of painting the town red with an exhilarating feeling of pride as you walk with your backpack – heavily dangling on your back – while your empty stomach gnaws and groans in agony.

It’s a Pain…if You
Let Things Slide.

That’s the worse thing you are going to have to go through.

I remember one time (where I think I left my marbles somewhere else) I had chosen to ignore what is also known as a “burburygmus” attack.

That was a grave mistake.

And I never, ever want to go through that ordeal again.


Because I don’t want to be heading for this gut-quenching, perspiration-inducing ulcer attack once you let things slide a bit, and choose to ignore it.

Just like me, if you’re thinking of going for a Mystery Auction – $1 Starting Bid, where a magic trip is entitled to you, you simply can’t scrimp along breakfast.

Eat, Indulge, or Engorge.

That’s right. Eat breakfast.

This is NOT just a no-brainer tip.

In fact, it’s so good that I tried stuffing myself up the rest of the days I was in England, resting a bit, and heading out of the hotel doors with a zest for the outdoors.

And what did I get for my efforts at feeding myself? Benefits that will last me with more enticing travels along the way.

Sometimes, it’s sooo good to listen to simple advice that you’ve learned a long time ago. Lesson learned. 🙂