Not Just Two Guys Pushing Each Other

Sumo wrestling – Japan, this is a contact sport where one competitor tries to force out his competitor out of a circular ring. This is Japan’s official national sport, and often simply made out to be “just two men in diapers trying to push each other,” when in reality, this is a serious sport where professional players have to live in communal “sumo training stables,” dedicating their daily lives to strict tradition.



Other than making your opponent step out of the ring, another way to win a match is forcing his opponent to touch the ground with parts of his body other than his feet. The matches are decided over by referees or judges, and sometimes, technicality comes into play. Tradition is also very important. The throwing of salt signifies purification, and dates back to ancient times, when Sumo was part of the Shinto religion. As with the traditional aspect of the sport, any competitor caught using illegal techniques automatically loses.

Nowadays, in the western world, a lighter, less-traditional form of Sumo is possible with sumo suits. This is for those looking for a good time to release some pent-up aggression, and the sumo suits simulate the effect of having the heft for those who don’t have the body for the sport.

Is keeping tradition that hard, that, no other country can adapt to this sport?