A Family Lost

I want to take a break from the trivia to tell a story. I know a young man. He was 21 years old, had a stable job, and recently got married to the girl of his dreams. They weren’t rich, but they were very happy. He was going to get their own place once he saved up enough money, since his parents were putting up the couple in the meantime.

It was taking his young wife a while to go into labor, so she told him to go back home and sleep. He did so, and it was a few hours later that the call came.

Excited, much like a first-time father was, he hurriedly dressed and set out to catch a bus. He crossed a few streets, being careful but quick.

It was then when fate decided to frown on him. A truck driver, a very drunk one, did not see the red light, nor saw him cross the street. It was only when his body was flying in the air did the driver realize what he had done.

The wife didn’t know of his husband’s death until after she had given birth.

It’s a very sad tale, and it happens all over the world. This is why I never drink before driving. And for those who get behind the wheel when under the influence, it will only end in tears. Yours or the family you just destroyed.